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Terms and Conditions

This online platform allows the Customer / User to make purchases of products and after paying for them, receive them at the address of their choice.
We ask that you read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using our online portal Petalamel (www.petalamel.pt).
When using this page or when placing an order through it, the Customer / User is consenting to be bound by these conditions. Therefore, if you do not agree with all these conditions, the Customer / User should not use this page. These conditions can be changed without prior notice, so it is the responsibility of the Customer / User to read them periodically. All information and visual content present in the online portal Petalamel, are the exclusive property of the same. Access to this website is permitted on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right to withdraw or change products or services without prior notice. We are not responsible if, for any reason, this website is unavailable within a certain period of time. From time to time, we may restrict access to certain areas of this website.
The information or data provided by the Client / User will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy. By using this page, the Client / User is consenting to the processing of said information and data, and declares that all information or data that he provides to us is true and corresponds to reality. We have developed a privacy policy, subject to the highest standards of security and privacy, where we guarantee that your personal data will be treated in accordance with its purposes and the rights that are enshrined in it. In this privacy policy we explain who we are, for what purpose we can use your data and with whom we share it, how long we keep it, as well as the ways to contact us and exercise your legitimate right.
Please read the privacy policy document at the bottom of this website carefully.
The Customer / User, undertakes to respect the present conditions and assume responsibility for damages resulting from the failure to comply with the conditions set out herein.
It is the duty of the Client / User to act in good faith in the various actions that he / she can perform from the online portal Petalamel, respecting all applicable legislation, namely Civil and Commercial Law, Code of Copyright and Related Rights, Code of Industrial Property and the Computer and Cyber Crime Law. The Customer / User to make a purchase on the Petalamel online portal, must be registered. Registration implies filling in a customer form with your personal data. This customer form will be completed only once and will be registered in our database in accordance with our privacy policy. All customer data is reserved for the customer, through the registration of a user and secret password. The Client / User, when registering and selecting his password, can at any time and whenever he deems it necessary to change it. The Customer / User is fully responsible for preserving it safely and using it. Misuse of it is the sole responsibility of the Customer / User.
Buying on the online portal Petalamel is very simple, just follow the following steps:
  1. Choose the category and the type of product you want to buy;
  2. View the products carefully. If you are looking for a specific product, you can use the search engine (located at the top of the website);
  3. After finding your product, validate the characteristics and quantities you need;
  4. Add the products you want to the basket. When you have finished adding all products to the cart, click on the shopping cart icon at the top of the website;
  5. Fill in your personal details, addresses, shipping method and payment method;
  6. Confirm the order;
  7. You will receive a confirmation email with your order summary.
We do not accept orders over the phone.
The Petalamel portal has several payment methods, for example: ATM, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Revolut, etc. These may vary according to the customer's country or the store of each distributor. At the end of the order, you will be asked which payment method you prefer. We do not accept cash payments or checks.
Orders will be delivered anywhere in Europe, by a certified carrier. The order will be sent to the address that the Customer / User indicates for delivery. Shipping costs may vary depending on the quantity of products, place of destination, delivery time and additional services. At the end of the order you will be asked which method you prefer.
The Client / User will be notified at the following times:
  • Order confirmation email, at the time you place it;
  • Payment confirmation email, when you make it;
  • Shipping confirmation email, when the order leaves to the indicated address.
The products on the Petalamel online portal contain their described features and are accessible to the Customer / User. We make every effort to show the characteristics of the products (colors, textures, etc) in a more similar way to reality. The images of the products presented may not correspond to those described. However, we always intend to present the characteristics of each product as faithfully as possible, and may only vary your shades and or details. We emphasize that some variations may occur due to the differentiation of the hardware and software characteristics of the Client / User computer, such as the type of monitor of the same. Product specifications or characteristics are subject to change without notice.
All prices indicated on the Petalamel online portal already include the value of VAT, only shipping costs are excluded, which are shown separately in the shopping cart.
The prices of products presented on the online portal Petalamel are subject to change without notice.
Prices are valid until the order is confirmed. Even if there is a subsequent increase, pending orders will be processed at the amounts contained submitted at the time of ordering.
The purchase of products on the Petalamel online portal is subject to availability. If a product indicates that it is out of stock we will try to replace it as soon as possible. In addition, we have created the option to register so that you receive an email informing you of the new availability of the product. If it is not possible to restore it, we will remove it from the site.
The online portal Petalamel only sells products in perfect condition, so if you ever receive a product that does not agree, please contact our Customer Service. Products sold on the Petalamel online portal are guaranteed under the terms and for the purposes, considered adequate for the type of products sold and stipulated in the general legislation.
Any compensation for personal or material losses that may be caused directly or indirectly by the products sold is excluded. The negligent use of the same or consequences resulting from mistreatment in use are not considered for the purposes of guarantee. If the goods are received with signs of deterioration / maltreatment, the customer must make the reservation in the respective carrier's document and contact our Customer Support line.
The warranty period is the appropriate and legally imposed, against manufacturing defects and comes into force after the date of the invoice for the sale of the same. The repair or exchange of products / products will be carried out preferably (and free of charge in case of warranty / error) on our services. The customer is responsible for the expenses inherent in the transport costs of sending the products to our facilities. Products immediately lose their warranty rights if they are modified or altered by a third party or if they are repaired by others, not authorized by our services. In the case of food products, the packaging must remain tamper-proof.
If you accept our privacy policy, we will use your data to send you communications about the status of your order as personalized commercial communications from the online portal Petalamel. The foundation of legitimacy for us to use your data is the consent you grant us by accepting to subscribe. We inform you that you can cancel your subscription at any time and at no cost, in addition to other rights that you hold, as explained in the additional information in the privacy policy.